AL-CAN EXPORTS PVT. LTD. began its journey 28 years ago, in 1991, when the company, was first incorporated. Al-can is India’s first leading manufacturer and exporter of Seamless High Pressure Aluminum Cylinders, Low Pressure Cylinders / Disposable Cylinders for Medical Gases, Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases, Fire Extinguisher, Scuba, Beverages, Soda Machine, Home Care, Ambulance, Hospitals, Paintball Games, Helium Cylinders for IABP Machines and Helium Cylinders for Balloon. The company has established creditable business in India as well as in the Global market. The Company with its state-of-the art technologies designs, manufactures and sells Seamless Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Cylinders as per the EN ISO 7866:2012 + AC:2014, BS EN ISO 7866:2012 + AC:2014, BS EN 1975:2000, ISO 11118:1999, ISO 11118:2015, IS 15660:2017 & on going approval of DOT 3AL. The Company manufactures a wide range of Cylinders with highest quality standards for total Customer satisfaction. Each Cylinder ranges from 400ml to 23.4Litres Water Capacity with Working Pressure 35 BAR to 207 BAR and Test Pressure up to 53 BAR TO 311 BAR. These cylinders are duly inspected by Third Party M/s. TUV India Pvt. Ltd. & certified by PESO & In-house Inspection Service as per latest ADR 2017, TPED & PED for every batch. Al-can Cylinders are used as Life Saving Equipment in Emergency Oxygen Cylinders kit, Medical Oxygen Cylinder kit and First aid kit. Al-can’s portable Cylinders are useful for Home Care, Sports & Fitness, Tacking, during travelling and to relax & refresh. Al-can Cylinders are the best choice for various Gases because it maintains the purity of gases. The new series of cylinders are free from Hydrocarbon Content and increases the stability of interface of cylinders and also reduce the risk of particulate generation used for special applications. Each Al-Can cylinders goes through specified Testing at every stage of production by highly qualified quality control process and also undergo a series of cyclic Testing to simulate its Life. To provide customers with constantly improving products and services, Al-Can continuously invests in new technology and research. Al-Can key competence lies in adhering to committed product quality, strong interface with customers and flexibility to meet customer’s requirement.
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