Q. Are Aluminium Cylinders lightweight ?

A. Yes, Aluminium cylinders are made from aluminium, 66% lighter than the steel cylinders, hence this makes the cylinders portable.

Q. Do I need special training for operating oxygen cylinders?

A. No, valve system is very user friendly so, anyone can operate it easily.

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Q. Can I adjust the flow rate?

A. Yes, flow rate can be adjusted between .12 to 15 litre per minute.

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Q. How can I tell my oxygen Cylinder is full or empty?

A. a) If the indicator needle is all the way to 2,000 psi, the tank is full.
b) If the indicator needle is in the red area, the cylinder is empty.

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Q. How do I use the oxygen Cylinder?

A. Please Refer Manual Instruction

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Q. What about Safety Standards and Quality?

A. The Quality and Safety standard conforms to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and TPED.

Q. Are Aluminium Cylinders certified by Explosive Department?

A. Yes, Aluminium Cylinders are certified by "PETROLEUM AND EXPLOSIVE SAFETY DEPARTMENT"

Q. What are the Ranges of oxygen Cylinders?

A. Aluminium Cylinders ranges from 500ml. to 20Litres water capacity with working pressure of 150 bar and testing pressure of 225 bar.

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Q. How Aluminium Cylinders are better than Steel Cylinders?

A. Unlike steel, Aluminiuim Cylinders are corrosion resistant. Steel Cylinders are prone to corrosion and start rusting immediately. So, oxygen taken from steel cylinder contains iron particle. World over, in all developed country it is mandatory to use Aluminium Cylinder in medical application.

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Q. Are Aluminium Cylinders MRI Compatible?

A. Yes, unlike steel cylinders Aluminium Cylinders are non-magnetic so MRI Compatible.

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Q. Aluminium Cylinders are Refillable?

A. Yes, Refilling of Gas can be done easily by gas manufacturer or very easily and promptly Refilling can also be available through our dealers.

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Q. Who benefits from breathing Oxygen?

A. Anyone who feels run down and experiences loss of energy and concentration or is tired can benefit. E.g. Sports person, asthma patient, Mountaineers, Hikers, person suffering from stress or fatigue, Travellers,Drivers,elder persons, pregnant women, students and First aiders.

Q. Is there any special benefit for Asthma Patient?

A. Yes, Asthma patient can benefit from Nebulization.

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Q. What is the best time to use oxygen cylinders?

A. a) When you feel tire and fatigued
b) After a stressful day.
c) Before vigorous exercise – many people believe it helps them warm up faster.
d) After vigorous exercise – to help with recovery time.
e) During Sports or exercise – to help keep your energy high and mind clear in the morning right after you wake up to get your day started.
f) When you need mental clarity and focus –when studying or before an important test,meeting,presentation or seminar.
g) When you have a hangover.
h) When you have a headache.
i) When you need to be alert-like while on a long drive.
j) When you are at altitude.
k) Before bed time-many believe it helps them relax and sleep better.