Usefullness Of Oxygen Cylinder In Ambulance


It is essential for an ambulance to be equipped with life saving device like aluminium oxygen cylinders.


Today, people who regularly use oxygen, the cylinder is heavy, immovable, rusted, not easy to operate this makes the patients to be confined to their bed.


The shape of traditional cylinder, the valve system, regulator, the tubing of oxygen delivery assembly and maintenance makes life of user unimaginably complex and inconvenient.


Other option than traditional cylinder available is oxygen concentrator but it is beyond the reach of middle class due to its cost and maintenance.


At the time of emergency one cannot even think of having oxygen available until ambulance arrives then again not all ambulances are equipped with oxygen facility.” Says Dr. Tarun Doshi.


Quick and timely help provided to a patient in the crucial period can be possible now with the help of Al-can ranges of 680 ltr. and 1500 ltr. Oxygen aluminium cylinders.


Aluminium cylinders provided by Al-can are portable, light weight and very easy to handle. Also comes alongwith trolley for easy mobility.