Why hospitals prefer Aluminium Cylinders?


AL- Can’s all ranges of cylinders are MRI COMPATIBLE.

AL- Can’s cylinders are compatible with magnetic materials and poses no hazard in the MRI room.


Unlike steel, aluminium cylinders are corrosion resistant. Steel cylinders are very prone to corrosion and start rusting immediately. So, oxygen taken from steel cylinder contains iron particle. World over, in all developed country it is mandatory to use Aluminium cylinder in medical applications.


Being light weight and portable our Aluminium cylinders are used in Ambulance services. Its operation is very easy so need of any technician.


It is extremely suitable to shift patient from :

  • Ambulance to emergency ward.
  • Emergency ward to operation theatre.
  • Operation theatre to ward.
  • From any floor of hospital to Ambulance.


Al-can Cylinders could be easily fitted to your bed or stretcher. We would provide you a bracket for the same.

All ranges of Alcan cylinders are suitable for hospitals.